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The Vital Art of Cultural Intelligence: Why book smart isn’t

Cultural Intelligence, also known as Cultural Quotient (CQ), has always been a critical legal skill but it is being increasingly taught and discussed. If we accept the premise that the skills needed to be a great lawyer involve a combination of technical ability and interpersonal skills, then CQ (together with EQ, Emotional Quotient) is a […]Read More

Covid Could Expose a War of All against All: Can

On 30 September, 2020 the European Commission issued the 2020 Rule of Law Report which can be summarized in the words of the President von der Leyen “The rule of law helps protect people from the rule of the powerful. It is the guarantor of our most basic of every day rights and freedoms. It […]Read More

Has China become a Leading Protector of IP Rights and

Whatever you thought about copyright protections, intellectual property or trade secrets in China, get ready for a new reality. In the past few years the Chinese government has made an increasing number of commitments to the protection of intellectual property rights. Trade secrets protections have also been strengthened. China’s Anti-Unfair Competition Law imposes a more […]Read More

Generalising about Cultures in Legal Negotiations is a Huge Risk

This short article aims to outline the impact of different cultures in international legal negotiations and the paramount importance to know the other party's cultural background to avoid misunderstandings or distrust between the parties, thus reducing the risk of failure. We approach a negotiation, we bring with us our culture (or cultures), that is, our […]Read More

A Chinese Perspective on Anti-Doping Practice

This article is based on a presentation given by Mr Ming Wu at the SCLA’s 3nd Online Global Webinar ‘Chinese Swiss International Sports Arbitration Online Forum’ on 14 April 2020. It was drafted by Mr Carlos Li for the SCLA’s report on the event. For the benefit of our readers, we are now publishing it […]Read More