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Protecting Trade Secrets is a Human Resource Issue

The protection of trade secrets lies not only in how

Arb-Med-Arb: Save time and money in international commercial and intellectual

Arb-Med-Arb could benefit cases where the parties have a mutual

It’s Never Too Late to Start Being Reasonable: How to

Introduction Trade secrets protection clauses are often embedded in distribution

The Rise of Preliminary Injunctions in Chinese Trade Secret Infringement

Are preliminary injunctions making China safer for trade secrets?

Featured Opinion

Breaking Down Legal Rankings

Legal rankings have long been seen as an identifier of a firm’s

What Culture are We Talking about Anyway?: A three-stage analysis for a smooth negotiation

In the international legal negotiations, culture plays an important role in preparing

Arbitration as ADR in China: Applicability and actual award enforcement

When contracting with Chinese parties it is crucial to select and draft