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SCLA Accounces Negotiation in Mediation Expert training Program: Register now

The SCLA is proud to announce its forthcoming Negotiation in Mediation Expert training Program (NIMEP) on Saturday, Janurary 2021. The NIMEP focuses on fundamental and practical techniques to successfully resolve disputes in mediation. In our 3-hour training session, participants will get an in-depth understanding of the cultural conflicts they may encounter in international mediation. The […]Read More

Greece now has a functioning mediation law: This is what

30 November 2019 On this date, Greece’s Law 4640/2019 was passed. This was almost a decade after the first appearance of the Institution of Mediation in Greece and two years after the country’s previous failed effort bring mediation laws in line with EU standards. In the intervening decade significant socio-economic changes had recast Greece through […]Read More