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How to Reach Mediation Settlements in the United Arab Emirates

What are the challenges for the successful party in a mediation who wants to enforce a voluntary award? What are the specificities of voluntary awards following a mediation-arbitration (Med-Arb) or arbitration-mediation-arbitration (Arb-Med-Arb) negotiation, or in a civil law jurisdiction? Which problems are posed by non-domestic awards? To give you an idea of how to handle […]Read More

Enforcing ADR Escalation Clauses in the UK: The latest developments

The introduction of the European Union Cross Border Mediation Directive (2008/52/EC) has helped to augment mediation’s status as a means of resolving international disputes in Europe. The use of mediation can be enforced by inserting a “step-clause” or “escalation clause” into a contract. This requires parties to embark on mediation or other forms of Alternative […]Read More

Greece now has a functioning mediation law: This is what

30 November 2019 On this date, Greece’s Law 4640/2019 was passed. This was almost a decade after the first appearance of the Institution of Mediation in Greece and two years after the country’s previous failed effort bring mediation laws in line with EU standards. In the intervening decade significant socio-economic changes had recast Greece through […]Read More

Covid killed face-to-face mediation, and we’re all better off because

Admittedly, even before the Covid-19 outbreak, the constraint of geographical distance could discourage mediation as a means of dispute resolution. This is unfortunate, since prolonged conflicts can hamstring organisations, causing anxiety, absenteeism and declining performance and productivity. Mediation, of course, invites feuding parties to discuss their issues in a constructive manner, assisted by a third […]Read More

Remote Arbitration: is the future inevitable?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the world of dispute resolution, whether litigation, mediation or arbitration. Since the global shutdown, international arbitration hearings have had to be conducted online rather than in person. Whether you call it ‘virtual’, ‘remote’ or ‘online’, it comes to the same thing: all parties involved attend through […]Read More