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The Evolution of the Right to Privacy Between Europe and

This article considers the reasons that brought the European Court of Justice to declare the invalidity, first of the Safe Harbor and subsequently also of the Privacy Shield. To do this, it analyses the way that led to the drawing up of the Privacy Shield Agreement that regulates the personal dataflow from the European Union to the United States and its subsequent invalidity, declared by the Court of Justice of the European Union. The analysis begins with a description of the different approaches to personal data protection by both the US and the EU. Starting from the principles that constituted Read More

The ECJ has declared the basis for data export to

The European Court of Justice (ECJ, Case C-311/18) has declared the EU-US agreement on the so-called Privacy Shield invalid. This agreement regulates the conditions for ensuring that the transfer of personal data of EU citizens or residents to the USA meets the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). To this end, US companies […]Read More

Greece now has a functioning mediation law: This is what

30 November 2019 On this date, Greece’s Law 4640/2019 was passed. This was almost a decade after the first appearance of the Institution of Mediation in Greece and two years after the country’s previous failed effort bring mediation laws in line with EU standards. In the intervening decade significant socio-economic changes had recast Greece through […]Read More