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India’s fastest ever trade deal and the war economy

On 18 February, 2022, India signed a comprehensive economic partnership agreement with the United Arab Emirates (CEPA). The deal – which came into force On 1 May – is India’s first free trade agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and took less than three months to negotiate, making it the fastest agreement of its […]Read More

The Evolution of the Right to Privacy Between Europe and

This article considers the reasons that brought the European Court of Justice to declare the invalidity, first of the Safe Harbor and subsequently also of the Privacy Shield. To do this, it analyses the way that led to the drawing up of the Privacy Shield Agreement that regulates the personal dataflow from the European Union to the United States and its subsequent invalidity, declared by the Court of Justice of the European Union. The analysis begins with a description of the different approaches to personal data protection by both the US and the EU. Starting from the principles that constituted Read More

Enforcing ADR Escalation Clauses in the UK: The latest developments

The introduction of the European Union Cross Border Mediation Directive (2008/52/EC) has helped to augment mediation’s status as a means of resolving international disputes in Europe. The use of mediation can be enforced by inserting a “step-clause” or “escalation clause” into a contract. This requires parties to embark on mediation or other forms of Alternative […]Read More

GDPR Today in the UK: Your guide to where to

If you think Brexit means that the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) is no longer relevant you are entirely mistaken. Not only does the transnational nature of the GDPR mean that companies dealing with EU citizens or businesses must be compliant. The GDPR was also incorporated into UK legislation as the UK […]Read More

The EU-China Investment Agreement: Reality or fiction?

On 30 December 2020, the EU announced that a new deal is being cut with China after many years of tough negotiations. It was defined as “the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment”. However, if you look hard enough you will discover that no such deal has actually been made yet. In fact, what has been […]Read More