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Covid Could Expose a War of All against All: Can

On 30 September, 2020 the European Commission issued the 2020 Rule of Law Report which can be summarized in the words of the President von der Leyen “The rule of law helps protect people from the rule of the powerful. It is the guarantor of our most basic of every day rights and freedoms. It […]Read More

Covid killed face-to-face mediation, and we’re all better off because

Admittedly, even before the Covid-19 outbreak, the constraint of geographical distance could discourage mediation as a means of dispute resolution. This is unfortunate, since prolonged conflicts can hamstring organisations, causing anxiety, absenteeism and declining performance and productivity. Mediation, of course, invites feuding parties to discuss their issues in a constructive manner, assisted by a third […]Read More

Remote Arbitration: is the future inevitable?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the world of dispute resolution, whether litigation, mediation or arbitration. Since the global shutdown, international arbitration hearings have had to be conducted online rather than in person. Whether you call it ‘virtual’, ‘remote’ or ‘online’, it comes to the same thing: all parties involved attend through […]Read More

All belts lead to Rome: How mediation changed everything in

International trade is reeling from the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic. While it is hard to foresee the exact date when the world will (if ever) regain its pre-Covid condition, many business people are coping with the present restraints of our new normal. Wise entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of active listening while doing […]Read More

Is Liechtenstein the world’s premier juristriction for blockchain regulation?

Although blockchain has existed for over a decade, many companies are only just beginning to understand this technology’s potential scope of application and added value. Apart from powering virtual currencies, blockchain facilitates a decentralised storing of data which can help to increase efficiency and transparency in many sectors. As with any innovative technology, it has […]Read More

Pakistan’s road to recovery is paved with responsibility

In the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic we are still seeing an unprecedented closure of personal and commercial activities, causing unparalleled vagaries in global economic conditions. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Perhaps, if we believe the UK government. A non-statutory guidance note it published in May regarding “Responsible Contractual Behavior […]Read More