Concerning the implied choice of law in contracts

Introduction Sometimes parties do not address the issue of the governing law of the contract leaving it up to the court or to the arbitral tribunal to determine the relevant legislation. When such situations arise, a decision by the Singapore Court of Appeal, issued on 10 February 2021, should prove to be of immense future […]Read More

Online Dispute Resolution: The technology at the forefront of ADR

Introduction In his address at the 2019 Mass Call address, Singapore’s Honourable Chief Sundaresh Menon drew acute attention to his view that “Technology is already beginning to displace lawyers from areas of practice, especially those involving the more routine areas which are more susceptible to automation.” Fast forward two years and the COVID-19 pandemic is […]Read More

International Legal Outlook: India

The Supreme Court of India in its decision delivered on 20 April, 2021 in the case of PASL Wind Solutions Private Limited v. GE Power Conversion India Private Limited has upheld that: two companies incorporated in India had the right to choose a forum for arbitration outside India; an arbitral award in such a forum would […]Read More

Variation of Price Clauses: A necessary solution for the construction

Introduction Should a variation of price clause be introduced to the construction industry? Covid-19 has forced almost anyone who has signed a contract or an agreement to review their obligations and seek ways to mitigate catastrophic damages caused by the unprecedented pandemic over the past two years. Some contracts were renegotiated and varied to prepare for the worst possible scenario. […]Read More

Can We Trust Cybersecurity in Arbitration?

Virtual hearings in international arbitration have received significant attention, both among scholars and practitioners, since the start of Covid-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic it was used in exceptional cases or less significant hearings, such as case management conferences. Suddenly it has gained worldwide attention among the general business community and arbitration professionals alike. Virtual hearings […]Read More

How to Reach Mediation Settlements in the United Arab Emirates

What are the challenges for the successful party in a mediation who wants to enforce a voluntary award? What are the specificities of voluntary awards following a mediation-arbitration (Med-Arb) or arbitration-mediation-arbitration (Arb-Med-Arb) negotiation, or in a civil law jurisdiction? Which problems are posed by non-domestic awards? To give you an idea of how to handle […]Read More

Breaking Down Legal Rankings

Legal rankings have long been seen as an identifier of a firm’s or individual’s success in their field. But with new directories and publications popping up left, right, and centre it can be difficult to determine their legitimacy. However, with a little guidance and a rudimentary understanding of marketing tactics, which I will provide below, […]Read More