India’s fastest ever trade deal and the war economy

On 18 February, 2022, India signed a comprehensive economic partnership agreement with the United Arab Emirates (CEPA). The deal – which came into force On 1 May – is India’s first free trade agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and took less than three months to negotiate, making it the fastest agreement of its […]Read More

Will AI Disrupt Global Law Firm Rankings?

Introduction Ranking law firms is a very serious business. Law firm rankings or league tables are generally perceived as a vital indicator of status, achievement, capability, stability, and so on. They represent a plethora of characteristics about the presumed overall worthiness of a law practice. Clients are influenced by where a potential law firm ranks, […]Read More

The Evolution of the Right to Privacy Between Europe and

This article considers the reasons that brought the European Court of Justice to declare the invalidity, first of the Safe Harbor and subsequently also of the Privacy Shield. To do this, it analyses the way that led to the drawing up of the Privacy Shield Agreement that regulates the personal dataflow from the European Union to the United States and its subsequent invalidity, declared by the Court of Justice of the European Union. The analysis begins with a description of the different approaches to personal data protection by both the US and the EU. Starting from the principles that constituted Read More

The Real Value of Legal Rankings

Participating in legal rankings is a lengthy and time-consuming process. However, the media exposure and positive recognition that a credible ranking brings can have a strong impact on how a firm and lawyers are regarded in the global legal market. With the legal industry becoming more and more competitive every year, market players take advantage […]Read More

Gender Equality in International Negotiation

Women participating in international peace negotiations were often not noticed or kept at an informal level. Significant examples include organisations like Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace and Serbia’s Women in Black. However, women’s status in international negotiations is changing all over the world. When Joe Biden was confirmed to be the next president, a […]Read More

Concerning the implied choice of law in contracts

Introduction Sometimes parties do not address the issue of the governing law of the contract leaving it up to the court or to the arbitral tribunal to determine the relevant legislation. When such situations arise, a decision by the Singapore Court of Appeal, issued on 10 February 2021, should prove to be of immense future […]Read More

Online Dispute Resolution: The technology at the forefront of ADR

Introduction In his address at the 2019 Mass Call address, Singapore’s Honourable Chief Sundaresh Menon drew acute attention to his view that “Technology is already beginning to displace lawyers from areas of practice, especially those involving the more routine areas which are more susceptible to automation.” Fast forward two years and the COVID-19 pandemic is […]Read More

International Legal Outlook: India

The Supreme Court of India in its decision delivered on 20 April, 2021 in the case of PASL Wind Solutions Private Limited v. GE Power Conversion India Private Limited has upheld that: two companies incorporated in India had the right to choose a forum for arbitration outside India; an arbitral award in such a forum would […]Read More