Robert Rhodes QC and Andrew Maguire

Robert Rhodes QC, FCIArb, Accredited Commercial Mediator, Outer Temple Chambers, London ( (44) 20 7353 6381. Andrew Maguire, Barrister, ACIArb, Accredited Commercial Mediator, Littleton Chambers, London ( (44) 20 7797 8600.

Enforcing ADR Escalation Clauses in the UK: The latest developments

The introduction of the European Union Cross Border Mediation Directive (2008/52/EC) has helped to augment mediation’s status as a means of resolving international disputes in Europe. The use of mediation can be enforced by inserting a “step-clause” or “escalation clause” into a contract. This requires parties to embark on mediation or other forms of Alternative […]Read More