Lance Eliot

Dr Lance Eliot is CIO/CTO at Techbrium Inc., overseeing all digital systems efforts. Previously, he was a CIO at a major Venture Capital firm, a global retail services company, and a top tier home healthcare firm, and has been a successful entrepreneur having launched, run, and sold several startups. He is a frequent speaker at major industry events, author of over twenty books and three hundred articles, and a recognized thought leader on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and also Autonomous Vehicles. He had been a professor at USC and UCLA, and holds a PhD from the University of Southern California.

Will AI Disrupt Global Law Firm Rankings?

Introduction Ranking law firms is a very serious business. Law firm rankings or league tables are generally perceived as a vital indicator of status, achievement, capability, stability, and so on. They represent a plethora of characteristics about the presumed overall worthiness of a law practice. Clients are influenced by where a potential law firm ranks, […]Read More