Federico Antich

Federico Antich is a lawyer and mediatory and court-appointed expert for the Courts in Firenze. He has conducted over 5,000 mediations and is admitted to practice before the Italian Supreme Court. See https://imimediation.org/member/federico-antich/

It’s Never Too Late to Start Being Reasonable: How to

Introduction Trade secrets protection clauses are often embedded in distribution contracts over the sale of technical parts for the manufacturing industry. Such clauses ought to be carefully designed when products and materials will be exported to a foreign country.  Alongside the issue of protecting a company’s own confidential business information, the large scale distribution of […]Read More

All belts lead to Rome: How mediation changed everything in

International trade is reeling from the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic. While it is hard to foresee the exact date when the world will (if ever) regain its pre-Covid condition, many business people are coping with the present restraints of our new normal. Wise entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of active listening while doing […]Read More